Oregon Hot Springs

In central Oregon, we are lucky to have a number of natural hot springs, all within a day's drive of Bend. Hot springs form when water is geothermally heated from within the earth's crust. Ranging from temperatures of 70-100 degrees, soaking has many health benefits. The mineral content varies with each tub, but all contain healing properties. For example, soaking may boost blood circulation, relieve pain or treat skin conditions. While I haven't yet visited all of Oregon's hot springs, listed below are some of my favorites.

Breitenbush Hot Springs

A popular hot spring located on OR-22 between Bend and Salem in Detroit, OR, make reservations early to soak here. Offering a cafe, yoga classes, retreats and massage, Breitenbush has day use availability, as well as cabins and camping spots for longer stays. Soaking areas are clothing optional and all ages are welcome.

Belknap Hot Springs, Lodge and Gardens

Located on the McKenzie River, Belknap has two pools of the hot springs water. This one is kid friendly, so be prepared for crowds of little ones. Offering cabins, lodge rooms, rv and tent sites, this resort makes for a fun mini-vacation. It does not have a year round restaurant, but a food truck opens in the summer. Bonus- the secret garden is awesome. My family stops here often on the way home from the coast, to warm up after a chilly beach weekend. 

Umpqua Hot Springs

More rustic than the previous hot springs, these teeter high over the North Umpqua River. Comprised of about 6 small tubs, each is hotter than the last. The walk to the unmanaged site is uphill and might be too uneven for small children. Expect nudity at this site, as well as some partying. Still fun, but my husband and I leave the children at home when we soak here. 

There are many more to explore, including hot springs at East Lake, Paulina Lake and Summer Lake. All offer unique experiences and are a must see for all Oregonians. 

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Karla Diaz Cano