Tips for Healthy Skin


Before I got involved in front office work, I went to school to become a licensed esthetician. The program I attended had a holistic approach to skincare, and it was there I first learned about a lot of alternative therapies. While my spa career never took off, I still learned a ton of valuable tips to keep my skin healthy. Keep reading to learn how your skin can look its best!

  • Drink water. The skin is our largest organ, and its main purpose is to act as a barrier. Considering this, any skincare product can only penetrate the surface layers of our skin, which is really just dead cells anyway. While you can plump these layers up temporarily with products, to achieve truly hydrated skin you must treat it internally by drinking a ton of water. The daily recommended amount is half of your body weight in ounces. For example, a 130 pound woman should drink about 65 ounces of water each day.
  • Wash your face. But only once a day, preferably in the evening. Use a cream based cleanser before bed to wash away any make-up, free radicals or dirt from your pores. Foaming cleansers are too harsh for most skin types, as they strip away necessary oils.
  • Exfoliate. Remember those layers of skin that are mostly dead cells waiting to be sloughed? Help them with regular exfoliation. Getting rid of these layers will allow new, fresh cells to surface.
  • Buy quality products. I would love to be able to tell you that price doesn’t matter when it comes to skincare. But it does. While all products may contain similar basics, cheaper versions will contain less of the active ingredients you need. Instead, the products are bulked up with fillers. Better products will last longer though, as you will need less to get benefits.
  • Buy safe products. Know what harmful chemicals may be in your personal care products. While the European Union has banned over 1,000 ingredients for use in beauty goods, the FDA has only banned 9. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a great resource, as they are a non-profit that maintains a database of personal care products and their ingredients. Their annual sunscreen guide is invaluable.
  • Stay out of the sun??? Personally, I believe that the benefits of vitamin D outweigh the risks of sun exposure. This may not be a popular opinion, but I feel it’s beneficial to feel sun on your skin daily if possible. Unfortunately, the effects of sun damage to the skin are well documented. So, I wear a hat to protect my face and am careful not to burn. Do your own research and discuss this with your doctor.
  • Eat right and take your vitamins. Fruit and vegetables provide antioxidants and vitamins that make your skin glow. Essential fatty acids are crucial for healthy skin. Flax seed oil, borage oil and fish oil are good sources. Vitamins A and C protect the skin from the effects of environmental pollutants and aging.
  • Schedule acupuncture. Since acupuncture helps to balance the body by unblocking and stimulating the flow of qi, a variety of skin care complaints can be treated. Acne, wrinkles and dullness can be addressed. When I was in school, we viewed a demonstration of an acupuncture facelift. Said to be just as effective as surgery, true results require multiple visits.

Of course, everyone has different skin that requires unique care. But these easy suggestions can help everyone, regardless of skin type. Remember that the skin is our largest organ and proper care allows it to function at its best.

Any favorite skin care tips? Leave a comment with any suggestions.


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Karla Diaz Cano