Dr. Rosen uses the following systems in our practice:

Medical acupuncture blending traditional acupuncture systems and a bio-medical understanding of illness. Includes Korean Hand Therapy ( KHT) a system where pellets instead of needles are used, Auricular diagnosis and others. 

I use Chinese and Western herbs.

A system which diagnoses issues with biochemistry and physiology backed testing that focuses on health by correcting the underlying root cause of illness.  It is a personalized and comprehensive style of medicine that emphasizes assessment, treatment, prevention and management of complex, chronic disease.

Gentle manipulations following the osteopathic approach used for acute and chronic injuries, pain, and other illness.  This includes cranial osteopathy and other manipulation techniques.

Prolotherapy Injections of natural substances (including PRP or platelet-rich protein and embryonic stem cells) into damaged joints and ligaments to heal damaged areas without surgery. Neural prolotherapy OR PERINEURAL INJECTION THERAPY, work developed by DR. JOHN LYFTOGT, is an additional treatment for nerve pain where sugar water is injected in the path of entrapped nerves helping treat acute or chronic pain. About 80% or pain is neuropathic in origin and this technique is available and helpful for this.

Nutritional Response Testing and NAET  
Muscle testing or kinesiology to evaluate for organ  imbalances, food and environmental sensitivities, heavy metal or chemical toxicity or scars causing energy blocks. This is followed by nutritional therapies and desensitization techniques.

IV Vitamin C, Myers IV, Gluthathione, Other functional IV therapies. 

Used to help balance subtle energy bodies that exist in our body. Helpful with physical, emotional and spiritual issues and imbalances.